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Anatomy of an Embroidery Needle

Embroidery Needle TermsTypes Of Needles

DBxK5: These are standard needles with a larger eye. These are good needles to use because the larger eye gives thread more room, decreasing the amount of friction. End result - less wear on thread = less potential for thread breakage.

DBx7ST: This is a standard size needle with a large rectangular-shaped eye made for metallic thread. We haven't used these. We've found the DBxK5 to work just fine with metallic threads.

DBx9ST: This is a standard size needle with an eye about 2 sizes larger than normal. This is a good needle to use with Madeira's Burmilana threads. These threads give embroidery a wooly like effect.

Needle Designations

B Full Ballpoint
BP Full Ballpoint
MBP Medium Ballpoint
MSP Medium Sharp point
SES Fine Ballpoint
SKF Heavy Ballpoint
SKL Semi-ballpoint
SUK Medium ballpoint

Needle Coatings

Chrome: Standard coating on embroidery needles.

Titanium: Twice as hard and strong as chrome, has a smoother finish, and generates less friction. The point holds up longer than chrome. Overall, this needle is more expensive, but worth it when working with any fabric, especially caps.

Needle Sizes: Which do I use???

Thread Needle Size
60 Rayon 60/8, 65/9, 70/10
40 Rayon 70/10 for small detail. 75/11 for most everything else.
40 Polyester 70/10 for small detail. 75/11
30 Rayon 80/12
30 Polyester 80/12
Metallic 80/12. 75/11 with a larger eye

Threads: The larger the thread number the thinner diameter thread. (i.e. 60 weight thread is really thin, 30 weight thread is quite thick, 40 weight thread is standard. See the "All about Embroidery Thread" page for more info on threads.

Needle Sizes: The smaller the number, the smaller the needle.




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