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Frequently Asked Questions - Custom Embroidery

1. How do I show you what I want on the towels? Easy, you send us an e-mail with your logo/artwork or use the “Upload Artwork” page.  Here’s a link to that:  http://www.hhembroidery.com/quote/

2. Is there a set up fee, or start up fee involved? No. We DO NOT charge a set-up fee.   That service (creating your embroidery) is FREE.


3. How big will the embroidery be?  As big or small as you’d like it.  But note that any and all embroideries sized up to 4” wide/high are FREE.  We can certainly go bigger, but there is a charge for that.  So whether you’d like a left or right chest embroidery for the front of your shirts, or something for the back of your jacket or a huge banner for a trade show, we’ll embroider it.


4. How many colors am I limited to?  There is no limit to the number of colors you can have in your embroidery.  And note that if we need to match the colors in your logo, we can do that.  We look up the pantone numbers (universal color identification numbers) and match that to available thread colors as closely as possible.


5. Where will the embroidery be on the towel, robe, shirt, cap, etc.? Anywhere you’d like it.  The only thing to note is that if you want an embroidery ON a pocket, in most instances we will need to remove the pocket, embroider it, then re-attach the pocket.  That’s additional time and labor, and for that there will be a charge.  So a good alternative to that is to do the embroidery ABOVE the pocket, or next to the pocket.


6. How long does it take to get the embroidery done? We will have your order completed and ready to be shipped within 2 weeks.  But if you need it sooner than that, we can do that.  Just call or email us and we’ll be happy to discuss the details with you.


7. Do I get to see what the towel or embroidery will look like before I receive the towels?  We communicate closely with you to make sure your embroidery comes out perfect the first time, and every time.  1st we create a virtual embroidery of your design; email that to you for your approval.  Once that’s approved, we then embroider a sample for your approval.  Once that’s approved, then we embroider your order.  ALL that is completed within 2 weeks.




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