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Personalized Embroidered Gift Ideas

Graduation Gifts

This bag is also a graduation gift this year. This is the BP90 Large Round Duffel bag with the "2013" embroidered in gold thread in the "Zap" font. Another great graduation gift idea. 

 Scrubs with your Name embroidered on them

It's easy to meet the 12 item minimum with these custom scrubs.  Whether you get them for yourself or buy them as a gift for a med student just graduating, or that special nurse or doctor.  Choose 6 scrub tops, add the custom embroidery and get 6 pants to match.  We have a number of really nice medical themed embroideries you could add to your name as well.  Check them out on the "Designs" page.

Special Gift for Mom

What mom wouldn't want this as a gift ?  A plush, cozy, comfortable robe, and a pair of slippers, while you're at it, get a matching set for dad, 4 hand towels, and 4 bath towels, there's your order of 12 items.   What a great gift idea.

Birthday Parties and/or Family Reunions

Whether hats, shirts, towels, or bags.  What a great way to commemorate that special occasion. And when you get 12 or more the embroidery is FREE !  That makes it affordable for every occasion.   What a great gift idea.

Gifts for Club Members

Are you a member of a club?  Do you have contests?  If your answers are yes and yes, well, here's a great gift idea.   How about some jackets, hats, or shirts for your club members or at least for the winning team?    It's easy to get a minimum order of 12 when you mix and match caps with jackets and maybe even a couple of shirts.  

Custom towels for your pool or bath

These are some beach towels with matching hand towels we embroidered for a family with their custom logo.  What a great gift for a house warming, or even for your own home. 

For that special get away

Who wouldn't love this custom towel for that special get away place.  These kitchen towels were a gift  (that's one of our gift cards we include with gift packages).   The embroidery is a stock design from our "Designs" page and custom text.  Whether a gift for someone special or for yourself what a great way to customize that special place.

What will it look like?

Good question. And probably the biggest concern our customers have. Let's say you've chosen a design, added personalized text such as your name and/or phrase, chosen a font style... but, how will it look? We've got you covered. Before we actually embroider your article, we'll 1st email to you a screenshot of what your complete embroidery will look like. Our embroidery software can show us stitch

by stitch what something will look like before we actually embroider it onto fabric. Cool, huh? We forward this "screenshot" to you via email to get your ok, or your feedback on what you'd like changed, then we embroider your article.

If any of the above sounds good, call H&H toll free at 866-200-3313 or Contact Us. We'd love to work with you.




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