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Below are some examples of custom embroidery we have digitized and/or embroidered in recent months.

Below is a cool project we took on.  This customer gave us a drawing of a woodturner's tool and asked us to create a logo for them using this drawing.  Here's what we did:














Below is a custom logo we embroidered onto towels, robes and slippers.  The bottom pic is the original graphic we used to create the embroidery, and the top is the resulting embroidery embroidered onto towel fabric:

Below is a project that was quite a challenge.  How do we capture all the color variations shown in the logo ???  We tried a number of things, but what eventually worked best was the use of variegated threads.  This is a closeup of the embroidery on a black canvas bag:



Below is a logo we created for a photographer using a stock embroidery design.  This is an example of the embroidered caps, but this also looks good on jackets, shirts and bags:


Below another great example of using stock embroidery designs to create a unique custom logo, in this case for a local sports team.  We offer thousands of stock embroidery designs on our "Designs" page.  If you don't already have a logo, these can at the very least serve as inspiration, if not as a part of your logo.



This embroidery is 4" in diameter.  That's a lot of detail captured in a relatively small embroidery:

 Embroidery on sweaters, even 1-color embroideries can look really good:


Below is a custom logo from which we embroidered a number of scrubs:

 Below is a a cool bucket hat we did from the graphic shown:


 A cool logo for a rescue which we put to good use on a variety of garments and caps:


For more examples of our work, please check out our facebook page.  There's a link just below here.




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