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Terminology for Custom Embroidered Caps

Embroidery Terminology for Custom Embroidered Caps Panels: You'll see caps throughout our Caps section that are either 5 or 6 panel caps. The cap shown above is a 6 panel cap. Notice the seam down the front center. A well embroidered 6 panel cap will cover this seam flawlessly.

Buckram: A buckram lining is found on the inside of a "Constructed" caps front 2 panels (the crown). This is a very stiff lining that makes the front of the cap stand up. Unconstructed: This is a type of cap. It means that there is no buckram lining inside the crown. The crown of this cap won't stand up by itself. It needs your head for support.

Crown: The front 2 panels of a cap.

High Profile: A high profile cap is a cap whose crown is about 3" to 4" high. You'll find these on the Cap Products page under "Pro Caps". High Profile caps are usually always constructed (i.e. they have a buckram lining).

Low Profile: These are caps whose crown is only about 3" high. Most of the caps in our Products section are Low profile. These can be either constructed or unconstructed.

Button: This is the button at the top of the cap that helps hold all the panels together.

Eyelets: Small holes embroidered into a cap (by the cap manufacturer - not H&H). These holes allow for ventilation.

Panel Seams (Stitching): This is the stitching that connects the panels. These can be the same color of the cap or in another color.

Brim: Also known as a Bill or Visor. Usually made of plastic surrounded by fabric. The fabric used is most commonly canvas, but can also be brushed cotton, wool, denim, suede, etc. The brim is held down with symmetrical rows of stitching. Some brims are pre-curved, some come relatively flat which you have to curve yourself.

Bill: See Brim.

Visor: See Brim.

Under-Visor: The underside of a visor, brim, or bill. Sometimes the underside of the Visor is a different color than the top. Sandwich: Sometimes manufacturers insert piping along the edge of the brim between the top and bottom fabrics. Sometimes this piping is a different / contrasting color to the rest of the brim. It looks good and gives the cap a little more beefy look.

Closures: Located at the back of adjustable caps, these come in a variety of materials. Most of the caps you'll find on this website are adjustable. We carry caps with mostly either plastic or leather closures. The leather closures are nice. They usually come with Brass buckles.

Sweatband: Some caps, mostly visors, come with a narrow (about 1.5" high) band inside the crown. This band is usually made of terry cloth.

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